About Us

small oval Who We Are:

S4P is dedicated to improving the quality and Youth Basketball availability of sporting opportunities for girls and women around the world. Our desire is to promote a holistic and healthy lifestyle through exercise, education and the inherent social interaction promoted by sport. S4P is comprised of women who volunteer their time, resources, and skills on a short-term basis.

small oval International Work:

Internationally we aspire to communicate a spirit of solidarity through the agency of sport. By way of sports development, training, education, and exchange, S4P has developed meaningful and lasting relationships with women throughout the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. Sport in its purest form provides opportunities for dialogue, camaraderie, and the exchange of ideas. We believe the qualities of sport generate incalculable possibilities for women who desire to live in a more peaceful world.

small oval International Services:

Per the request of governments, sports federations, and/or educational institutions, we provide female athletes, coaches, and teams to meet the needs of our valuable partners.

small oval Work in the U.S.:

Nationally we seek to train volunteers and to educate young girls and women about the lives of our counterparts around the world. The staff of S4P encourages volunteers to participate in our local sport camps, clinics and lectures in order to learn about various cultures and people groups. Ultimately we strive to enhance accurate and relevant knowledge concerning sport as a tool for promoting peace, dialogue and an improved quality of life for all women of the world, regardless of ethnicity, class, religion, politics or culture.

small oval Our Experience:

Although the methodology of our work is broad, the message remains the same. S4P is committed to partnering with local organizations, federations and governments who wish to provide quality sport opportunities for girls and women who have traditionally been excluded from participating.