Meet the Staff

small oval Sarah Hillyer:

Sarah Hillyer has had the rare privilege of developing slow-pitch softball in China, fast-pitch softball in Iran, Turkey, and Israel, and T-ball in Tunisia. Sarah Hillyer She has also traversed the globe to train basketball players in China, Jordan, Morocco, Inner Mongolia, Tunisia, Brazil, Mexico, Iran, and Iraq.


  • 1993 Graduated from Liberty University - B.A. Sports Administration
  • 2002 Graduated from Murray State University - M.S. Sport Psychology
  • 2006- present University of Tennessee Doctoral Student - Sport Sociology

"Sports have always played a vital role in my life. I am blessed with the health, the access, and the opportunities to play the sports I love. Because I have experienced the power of sport in my own life, I desire to share the life-lessons and joys of sport with girls and women who have been historically marginalized and without the benefits of sport and physical activity. My dreams are God-sized, my visions are vast, but my message remains the same: 'Through sport, there is an opportunity to change lives, and within all of us, there is the challenge to make a difference'. I love what I do because in the heart of every woman there is the desire to be a part of something greater, to be loved and accepted, and to seek a meaningful prize - what better way than sport?"

small oval Ashleigh Huffman:

Ashleigh Huffman recognized the power of sport early in life and used her passion for basketball to obtain a full athletic scholarship to Eastern Kentucky University where she graduated with a degree in Physical Education. Ashleigh Huffman Her desire to teach, to serve, and to impact the lives of others has led her to the University of Tennessee where she is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Sport Sociology.

In 2005, Ashleigh boarded a plane with Sport 4 Peace headed to Wuhan, China. In China, S4P trained and competed with various university basketball teams throughout Wuhan.

"I fell in love with the beautiful culture of the Chinese people. I witnessed the power of sport in bringing people together. Language barriers disappeared and friendships were forged, all because we shared a common interest in basketball."

In 2006, Ashleigh applied her newfound vision for sport and co-created the first ever "Sport for Life Peace Camp" in Netanya, Israel where 37 Palestinian, Israeli Arab and Israeli Jewish girls came together for an overnight sports camp.

Ultimately, sport allowed Israeli and Palestinian girls to develop life-long friendships. "I was scared to come to this camp because of the situation in our country, but this experience changed me. It feels really good to connect with people from another culture, especially through sport. Please remember us from both sides" (Israeli Jew, 2006).

small oval Rainey Johns:

Rainey Johns' life is surrounded in sports, both at home and abroad. For over 10 years Rainey has traveled internationally teaching and playing softball, soccer and basketball in places such as Tunisia, Iran, Turkey, Israel and China. Rainey JohnsAt home she is the Assistant Director of the Versailles-Woodford County Parks and Recreation Department, where she is responsible for oversight and administration of the Department's programs, including its adult sports programs, youth basketball leagues, introductory sports programs for toddlers and much more.

"My life has been shaped in a significant way by my experiences in sport and I am excited about sharing that knowledge and experience with women and girls around the world. Sport can teach us so much about ourselves, about others and about life. One of the first, most powerful things you learn is how much we have in common. Women and girls worldwide have hopes and dreams just like women and girls here at home and I am humbled and honored that I get to share who I am and what I have learned with them!

Rainey graduated Summa Cum Laude in 1998 from Campbellsville University with a double major in Recreation and Psychology and a double minor in Sociology and Criminal Justice. She was a 3 year member of the softball team and a first team all-conference goalkeeper for the women's soccer team.